Welcome to my Carrd page.

This site is far from perfect, and will be updated frequently (ish), so be sure to check back from time to time.
Or don't... Whatever.

Before You Continue:

Please keep in mind that I will not tolerate the following things:

  • Pedophiles, Zoophiles, Necrophiles, etc.

  • Racists, Sexists, Homophobes, Transphobes, etc.

  • NFT/Crypto accounts

  • Pro-shippers

  • Anti-furs

  • Assholes

  • People I got beef with

  • People who got beef with me

  • Creepy people

  • SML (I do not like SML.)

  • Alex (You know what you did.)

Also, just something to keep in mind:

I'm really bad at talking to people.... so uh, yeah.

Who the hell is this guy?!

I'm just some terminally stupid 20 year old unfunny gay furry gamer on the internet, hailing from the land of guns, burgers and eagles. I like memes and I occasionally draw and do music. I also hate people :)

My birthday is December 1st, 2003

... also i may or may not be a bit of a brony


Uh here's some of the sites I'm on, I guess.

I'm also on a few more sites that aren't listed here.
Mostly because I'm lazy lmao.

... However, some of the sites I'm on contain some risky stuff

i might have forgotten a few sites here but hgfdgnhugyddhgjbbr